It then switches to Chan joining the Masquerade, the battle ends badly but Chan loses and the Foretress is sent to the Doom Dimension. It begins with a young boy losing a bakugan battle to a teenager, followed by Dan’s parents wondering where Dan is and when he will be home. It then switches to Komba who is in the middle of a battle against Masquerade, Komba loses and Harpus is sent to the Apocalypse Dimension. Meanwhile, Julie tells Marucho that she thinks Shun is working for Masquerade because she has seen Shun before. Dan is amazed that he’s never played before and continues. Runo and Ebay Scraper (Click Home) Alice make up again and become friends, and together with Dan, they win their battle. The episodes end with Dan remembering the thing most important to him, the pudding bowl, while Runo realizes that if Joe isn’t a spy for the Masquerade, one of the brawlers must be a spy. When Dan talks to Runo about this, Runo admits that she was suspicious of Alice because she doesn’t have a partner bakugan and doesn’t fight, so why is she on the team? Meanwhile, Marucho discovers that someone has infiltrated the brawlers’ files and knows everything about the brawlers.

Instead, Dan eventually finds Joe and they get to the roof, where Dan then challenges Joe to a fight to find out if he’s working for Masquerade. Where can I find the data? They enter the hospital and ask the receptionist where Webmaster Joe’s room is and he tells them ‘Room 501’. In such a scenario, you can get product names, images, prices, descriptions, ratings, specifications and other data related to specific products. He eventually tells the team that he had a dream about a Bakugan named Wavern, who is Naga’s twin sister and the current owner of the Infinity Core. Then Dan starts looking for him, loses the others but can’t find the room Joe is in, and eventually the others decide to go and see Joe on their own. He tells her not to let Naga get her greedy claws into the mighty Infinity Core, or all of Vestroia will be destroyed. While Runo is not around, Alice tells Dan that Runo is suspicious of her and thinks she is watching everything she does.

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After that the others think about it and Dan invites Joe to the Bakugan Warriors team and everyone is happy. As the battle begins, Alice joins Dan and Runo at the last minute. Alice sees a young boy with Bakugan and tries to stop him from throwing them into the river; When Alice learns that the boy Christopher is being forced to play Bakugan, where he always loses, she offers to be his coach to help him defeat the bully. Marucho loses two of his Bakugan and Dan and Runo begin to argue, causing them to make sense of Tigrera’s words, explaining that a defeat can create amnesia in the Bakugan. Shun, Alice and Julie are worried that they won’t win because they don’t work together as a team. At the same time, the Americans reportedly helped train elements of the so-called moderate Free Syrian Army (FSA) in Jordan and sent them across the border into southern Syria, where the rebels have better air and anti-armor weapons. More than before, they began to make gains comparable to their advances in the far north. With the two working together, Christopher emerges victorious.