Nuevas im WIN95 compatibility option below XP appears to make game worse not higher – so don’t allow. Visual novels have always been closely associated with the romance genre, for higher or for worse. Kokona makes it clear that she actually likes him, however at this level she’s so grateful to Yan-chan that she agrees and permits Yan-chan to have Senpai… on the condition that Yan-chan is good to him. In addition, Kokona provides up Senpai willingly, requesting that Yan-chan higher be good to him.- In more element – Kokona asks Yan-chan to obtain a new uniform for her, because hers does not accommodate her huge bust.

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After he Took a Level in Jerkass as a result of stress, it was good to see an nearly youngster-like enthusiasm, coupled with a undeniable fact that a major problem was taken care of. Yan-chan decides to “take care of” the issue. Yan-chan then asks Kokona to meet her the following morning to talk. At this point, the player has two choices: While Kokona is rambling on and on about how she’d been trying to earn money by questionable means, Yan-chan can “eliminate” (learn: kidnap) Kokona proper then and there.

Once he agrees, Yan-chan releases Musume, then calls Kokona, whose dad has just received a name that his debt is paid. She kidnaps Musume, the loan-shark’s daughter, and holds her for ransom: the fee being that each one his shoppers have their debts forgiven. The ten rivals have differing personalities and attitudes, from the tomboyish Asu to the feminine Amai, the shy Oka Ruto to the brazen Osana Najimi, and more. Mom0kinote (who voiced Kokona in this sequence and likewise performs Midori and Oka) has a real knack for making characters sound absolutely endearing.- For additional heartwarming, Kokona mentions throughout her rambling about her guilt over Saki involving herself in the whole incident.