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Since his debut in the early ‘60s, the stealthy archer has tried on many different outfits and looks. However, there are also moments where he has taken on other heroes’ looks and combat styles, including Hank Pym and Steve Rogers. 1 comic, where Hawkeye notes that the outfit was made for him by Hank Pym after Dragon Man broke his legs. To save Black Widow, Clint wore Pym’s old Goliath suit when Pym became the reformed Yellowjacket. He wears black and purple, replacing the red from Ultimate Hawkeye, and now his insignia is a fletching, fitting his abilities. This is fitting for the more faux-realistic uniforms the Avengers are wearing for this title. Although Hawkeye and the Avengers are successful in overpowering the Six, he’s eventually taken out by Captain America working for the forces of evil. 63 (illustrated by Gene Colan), he’s towering over his teammates in purple tights and a steel belt buckle.

The story takes place on Earth-1298 but Hawkeye retains his powers from Earth-616, including the ability to hit targets with extreme accuracy even though he’s blind. Obviously a lot has taken place since Clint went missing, so hopefully we’ll get to see his transformation into the deadly assassin through the course of the film. Sure, we all know and love Captain America, Hulk, Thor, Iron Man, and the others, but Clint Barton is one of the unsung heroes of the team that typically doesn’t get a lot of credit. Hulk, spidey, wolverine, captain America. 3 (2007), shows Iron Man encouraging Clint to take up the Captain America mantle. Despite being blind, the man once known as Hawkeye is still a crack-shot. This costume is heavily based on Clint’s appearance from the beloved alternate timeline Wolverine storyline, Old Man Logan, which was adapted into the hit film Logan. Players already know what to expect from Hawkeye’s upcoming DLC, including several alternate costumes.

In an alternate medieval-style reality, he was still an archer in a purple tunic similar to his usual one, though with different edging. While Hawkeye was predominantly using his traditional mantle in the 2000s, he still had a few unexpected looks, as well as some that still influence his current appearance. At times he would still appear in his traditional outfit – or a variation of it – but he also had exceedingly different costumes from his norm. This is one for nostalgic fans, as it is a somewhat faithful recreation of Hawkeye’s default outfit that he’s worn often in the decades that he’s been in publication. Thus far, Clint’s default suit has been shown as well as another look that sees the hero rocking a purple T-shirt. However, deep dives into three of the other optional cosmetics have been shared as well, and two should look familiar to avid comic readers.

Of course, Square Enix has gotten into hot water over its cosmetics recently. From there, press R1 / L1 until you arrive at the Cosmetics Screen. There are even a few skins, such as the legacy and obsidian outfits, which can (at present) only be unlocked via pre-ordering Marvel’s Avengers or buying the Deluxe Edition. Donning an intricate mask and the look of a ninja, while also wielding a katana, the Avengers member took down the Yakuza and other gangs. His look in this comic is a little more exaggerated, with his mask protruding off his face and a plate around his neck like a medieval knight. If we have something like that to spend units on, then more people would likely buy units to purchase these costumes. I’d pay up to 1,000 units for a costume like 80s ghost rider, or 70s hulk. For example, last year we saw both weapon x wolverine and x force wolverine, why not add those two costumes in under Wolverine’s info and have us buy them for units? 98 (1972), hawkeye halloween costumes the character saw a big shift. 98 (1972), though this persona was revisited very briefly in the ’90s. Clint would return to his Hawkeye persona in Marvel’s Heroic Age, having helped topple Norman Osborn’s Dark Reign.